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UTMS Preprint Series 1995

NumberAuthor(s)Title of Preprint
UTMS 95-1 Katsunori Iwasaki Polytopes and mean value property
UTMS 95-2 Masahito Toda Existence and non-existence results of H-surfaces into 3-dimensional Riemannian manifolds
UTMS 95-3 Fumio Kikuchi and Keizo Ishii An improved 4-node quadrilateral plate bending element of the Reissner-Mindlin type
UTMS 95-4 Kumiko Hattori Fractal geometry of self-avoiding processes
UTMS 95-5 Takeshi Saito Note on stable reduction theorem
UTMS 95-6 Vlad Sergiescu and Takashi Tsuboi Acyclicity of the groups of homeomorphisms of the Menger compact spaces
UTMS 95-7 Eiji Ogasa On the intersection of spheres in a sphere I
UTMS 95-8 Yukio Otsu Almost everywhere existence of second differentiable structure of Alexandrov spaces
UTMS 95-9 E.K. Sklyanin Separation of variables. New trends
UTMS 95-10 V.B. Kuznetsov and E.K. Sklyanin Separation of variables in $A_2$ type Jack polynomials
UTMS 95-11 Satoshi Goto Commutativity of automorphisms of subfactors modulo inner automorphisms
UTMS 95-12 Hiroki Sumida Greenberg's conjecture and the Iwasawa polynomial
UTMS 95-13 Fumihiko Nakano Derivation of Kubo formula by adiabatic approximation
UTMS 95-14 Fumio Kikuchi and Makoto Fukuhara An iteration method for finite element analysis of magnetostatic problems
UTMS 95-15 K\B ogo Suzuki On volume growth of manifolds with 1-diameter finite
UTMS 95-16 Kazuya Kato and Chikara Nakayama Log Betti cohomology, log etale cohomology, and log de Rham cohomology of log schemes over \bf C
UTMS 95-17 T. Asuke On transversely flat conformal foliations with good measures
UTMS 95-18 T. Asuke The classification of transversely similar flows with good measures
UTMS 95-19 KANDA Yutaka On the Thurston-Bennequin invariant of Legendrian knots and non exactness of the Bennequin inequality
UTMS 95-20 Takashi Kumagai and Shigeo Kusuoka Homogenization on nested fractals
UTMS 95-21 Hirofumi Osada Dirichlet form approach to infinite-dimensional Wiener processes with singular interactions
UTMS 95-22 Hirofumi Osada Self-similar diffusions on finite-ramified fractals
UTMS 95-23 Kenji Taniguchi Discrete series Whittaker functions of SU(n,1) and Spin(2n,1)
UTMS 95-24 Masatoshi Iida Spherical functions of the principal series representations of Sp(2,R) as hypergeometric functions of C$_2$-type
UTMS 95-25 Takashi Takebe Bethe Ansatz for higher spin eight vertex models
UTMS 95-26 Koya Shimokawa Incompressibility of closed surfaces in toroidally alternating link complements
UTMS 95-27 Masahiro Yamamoto Identification of forces in vibrating plates by pointwise and line observations-uniqueness and stability
UTMS 95-28 Fumihiko Nakano On Bellissard's derivation of Kubo formula
UTMS 95-29 Lei Huang The reconstruction of uniquely determined plane sets from two projections in discrete case
UTMS 95-30 Hiroaki Nakamura and Naotake Takao Galois rigidity of pro-{\it l} pure braid groups of algebraic curves
UTMS 95-31 Fumihiko Nakano The thermodynamic limit of the magnetic Thomas-Fermi energy
UTMS 95-32 Kenji Iohara and Mika Kohno A central extension of $ \Cal D Y_\hbar(\frak g\frak l_2)$ and its vertex representations
UTMS 95-33 Chuichiro Hayashi and Koya Shimokawa Symmetric knots satisfy the cabling conjecture
UTMS 95-34 Atsushi Matsuura The automorphism group of the Klein curve in the mapping class group of genus 3
UTMS 95-35 Jean-Pierre Puel and Masahiro Yamamoto Generic well-posedness in a multidimensional hyperbolic inverse problem
UTMS 95-36 J.F. Van Diejen Self-dual Koornwinder-Macdonald polynomials
UTMS 95-37 Naoto Kumano-go A construction of the fundamental solution for Schr\"odinger equations
UTMS 95-38 Naoto Kumano-go A Hamiltonian path integral for a degenerate parabolic pseudo-differential operator
UTMS 95-39 Rudolf Gorenflo and Masahiro Yamamoto On regularized inversion of Abel integral operators
UTMS 95-40 Nobuya Sato Fourier transform for paragroups and its application to the depth two case
UTMS 95-41 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Classification of approximately inner automorphisms of subfactors
UTMS 95-42 Linsheng Yin Index-class number formulas over global function fields
UTMS 95-43 Akira Kaneko Some problems on continuation of regular solutions of partial differential equations
UTMS 95-44 Toshio Oshima Generalized Capelli identities and boundary value problems for $GL(n)$
UTMS 95-45 Sung-unn Chee Stability estimation and regularization in inverse source problem for vibrating system
UTMS 95-46 Masatoshi Noumi, T\^oru Umeda and Masato Wakayama Dual pairs, spherical harmonics and a Capelli identity in quantum group theory
UTMS 95-47 Satoshi Ishikawa The range characterizations of the totally geodesic Radon transform on the real hyperbolic space
UTMS 95-48 Yasuro Gon Gamma factors of Selberg zeta functions and functional equation of Ruelle zeta functions .
UTMS 95-49 Katsunori Iwasaki Platonic solids and the mean value property
UTMS 95-50 Eiji Ogasa On the intersection of spheres in a sphere II: High dimensional case
UTMS 95-51 Miki Hirano On theta type functions associated with the zeros of the Selberg zeta functions
UTMS 95-52 Joe kamimoto Singularities of the Bergman kernel for certain weakly pseudoconvex domains
UTMS 95-53 Atsushi Fujioka Actions of loop groups on simply connected H-surfaces in space forms
UTMS 95-54 Eiji Ogasa The intersection of three spheres in a sphere and a new application of the Sato-Levine invariant .
UTMS 95-55 Chifumi Sato Casson-Walker invariant of Seifert fibered rational homology spheres as quantum SO(3)-invariant
UTMS 95-56 Nobuya Sato A relation between two subfactors arising from a non-degenerate commuting square, --An answer to a question raised by V.F.R.Jones--
UTMS 95-57 Dang Ding Ang, Dang Duc Trong and Masahiro Yamamoto Unique continuation and identification of boundary of an elastic body
UTMS 95-58 Hikosaburo Komatsu Solution of differential equations by means of Laplace hyperfunctions
UTMS 95-59 Sergey Fomin and Anatol N. Kirillov Reduced words and plane partitions
UTMS 95-60 Qi Zhou Exact internal controllability of Maxwell's equations

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