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UTMS Preprint Series 1996

NumberAuthor(s)Title of Preprint
UTMS 96-1 Jean-Pierre Puel and Masahiro yamamoto Exact controllability for the wave equation with a lower order term by a perturbation method
UTMS 96-2 Masao Tsuzuki Real Shintani functions on $SU(2,1)$
UTMS 96-3 Toshitake Kohno Elliptic KZ system, braid group of the torus and Vassiliev invariants
UTMS 96-4 Joe Kamimoto Breakdown of analyticity for $\bar\partial_b$ and Szeg\"o kernels
UTMS 96-5 Saburou Saitoh and Masahiro Yamamoto Stability of Lipschitz type in determination of initial heat distribution
UTMS 96-6 Akiko Shima On simply knotted tori in $S^4$
UTMS 96-7 Hiroyuki Tagawa On the first coefficient of Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of parabolic type
UTMS 96-8 Qi Zhou and Masahiro Yamamoto General theorems on the exact controllability of conservative systems
UTMS 96-9 Toshiaki Maeno Quantum cohomology rings of toric manifolds and correlation function
UTMS 96-10 J.F.van Diejen Properties of some families of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials in several variables
UTMS 96-11 Eiji Ogasa Some properties of ordinary sense slice 1-links: some answers to the problem (26) of Fox .
UTMS 96-12 Jean-Pierre Puel and Masahiro Yamamoto On a global estimate in a linear inverse hyperbolic problem
UTMS 96-13 Lei Huang and Takashi Takiguchi The reconstruction of uniquely determined plane sets from two projections
UTMS 96-14 Akira Kaneko On continuation of Gevrey class solutions of linear partial differential equations
UTMS 96-15 Masahiro Yamamoto A mathematical aspect of inverse problems for non-stationary Maxwell's equations
UTMS 96-16 Hitoshi Kitada and Lancelot R. Fletcher Local time and the unification of physics part I. local time
UTMS 96-17 Shigeyuki Morita A linear representation of the mapping class group of orientable surfaces and characteristic classes of surface bundles
UTMS 96-18 Yoshio Tsutsumi and Jian Zhang Instability of optical solitons for two-wave interaction model in cubic nonlinear media
UTMS 96-19 Takeshi Saito Ramification groups and local constants
UTMS 96-20 Jacob Schach M\o ller Two-body short-range sytems in a periodic electric field
UTMS 96-21 Nobuyuki Ikeda and Shigeo Kusuoka Short time asymptotics for fundamental solutions of heat equations with boundary conditions
UTMS 96-22 Shigeo Kusuoka A remark on American securities
UTMS 96-23 Atsushi Shiho Crystalline fundamental groups
UTMS 96-24 Anatol N. Kirillov and Masatoshi Noumi Affine Hecke algebras and raising operators for Macdonald polynomials
UTMS 96-25 Anatol N. Kirillov and Masatoshi Noumi q-Difference raising operators for Macdonald polynomials and the integrality of transition coefficients
UTMS 96-26 Atsuko Yamamoto Orbits in the flag variety and images of the moment map for $U(p,q)$
UTMS 96-27 Nobuya Sato A relation between two subfactors arising from a non-degenerate commuting square II -- Tensor categories and TQFT's --
UTMS 96-28 Toshihiko Masuda An analogue of Longo's canonical endomorphism for bimodule theory and its application to asymptotic inclusions .
UTMS 96-29 Masahiro Yamamoto Well-posedness of multidimensional hyperbolic inverse problem : a prospect
UTMS 96-30 Jean-Pierre Puel and Masahiro Yamamoto Smoothing property in multidimensional inverse hyperbolic problems : applications to uniqueness and stability
UTMS 96-31 Masahiro Yamamoto The Gel'fand-Levitan theory for a stationary system : uniqueness and reconstruction formula
UTMS 96-32 Battsengel Baasanjaviin The maximal finite subgroup in the mapping class group of genus 5
UTMS 96-33 Kenichi Ito Domino tilings on orientable surfaces
UTMS 96-34 Masayuki Hirokado Some constructions of Zariski surfaces by resolving the singularities of {\it p}-closed rational vector fields
UTMS 96-35 Anatol N. Kirillov and Nadejda A. Liskova Completeness of Bethe's states for generalized XXZ model, II
UTMS 96-36 Kenji Taniguchi On uniqueness of commutative rings of Weyl group invariant differential operators
UTMS 96-37 Takao Yamazaki Reduced norm map of division algebras over complete discrete valuation fields of certain type
UTMS 96-38 A.N. Kirillov, A. Kuniba, and T. Nakanishi Skew Young diagram method in spectral decomposition of integrable lattice model
UTMS 96-39 Eiji Ogasa Projections of high dimensional knots: Applications of high dimensional pass-move-charts
UTMS 96-40 Mourad Choulli and Masahiro Yamamoto An inverse parabolic problem with non zero initial condition
UTMS 96-41 Anatol N. Kirillov and Toshiaki Maeno Quantum Schubert polynomials and the Vafa-Intriligator formula.
UTMS 96-42 Joe Kamimoto Asymptotic expansion of the Bergman Kernel for weakly pseudoconvex tube domains in $\Bbb C^2$
UTMS 96-43 Atsushi Fujioka A certain reduction of $H$-surface equations
UTMS 96-44 Masao Tsuzuki Real Shintani functions for a symmetric pair $(U(n,1),U(n-1,1)\times U(1))$
UTMS 96-45 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Harmonic analysis on homogeneous manifolds of reductive type and unitary representation theory
UTMS 96-46 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Criterion for proper actions on homogeneous spaces of reductive groups
UTMS 96-47 Koya Shimokawa Parallelism of two strings in alternating tangles
UTMS 96-48 Katsunori Iwasaki Basic invariants of finite reflection groups
UTMS 96-49 Katsunori Iwasaki Regular simplexes, symmetric polynomials and the mean value property
UTMS 96-50 Hitoshi Kitada Quantum Mechanics and Relativity - Their Unification by Local Time -
UTMS 96-51 Jing Zhang and Fumio Kikuchi Interpolation error estimates of a modified 8-node serendipity finite element
UTMS 96-52 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Discrete series representations for the orbit spaces arising from two involutions of real reductive Lie groups .
UTMS 96-53 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Invariant measures on homogeneous manifolds of reductive type

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