UTMS Preprint Series 1997

NumberAuthor(s)Title of Preprint
UTMS 97-1 Masahiro Yamamoto On uniqueness in multidimensional hyperbolic inverse problems less regular case
UTMS 97-2 Yujiro Kawamata On the cone of divisors of Calabi-Yau fiber spaces
UTMS 97-3 Daisuke Matsushita Simultaneous minimal model of homogeneous toric deformation
UTMS 97-4 David E. Evans \rm and Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Orbifold subfactors from Hecke algebras II -Quantum doubles and braiding-
UTMS 97-5 Akiko Shima On singular sets of immersions of closed surfaces into 3-manifolds
UTMS 97-6 Yoshi-hiro Ishikawa The generalized Whittaker functions for the standard representations of $SU(2,1)$
UTMS 97-7 Norio Gouda Magnetic flows on Riemannian manifolds
UTMS 97-8 Kei Ikeda Numerical evidence for flatness of Haagerup's connection
UTMS 97-9 Balandin Alexander Tomography of dynamical objects.
UTMS 97-10 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Quantum doubles and orbifold subfactors
UTMS 97-11 Li Simin A criterion for an interval exchange map to be conjugate to an irrational rotation
UTMS 97-12 Li Simin Interval exchange map and codimension one measured foliation on 3-manifold
UTMS 97-13 J. Cheng and M. Yamamoto Conditional stabilizing estimation for first kind integral equations with analytic kernel
UTMS 97-14 Toshihiko Masuda Classification of actions of discrete amenable groups on strongly amenable subfactors of type III$_ \lambda$
UTMS 97-15 Naoto Kumano-go A proof of H. Kumano-go-Taniguchi theorem for multi-products of Fourier integral operators
UTMS 97-16 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Deformation of compact Clifford-Klein forms of indefinite-Riemannian homogeneous manifolds
UTMS 97-17 Miki Hirano Shintani functions on $GL$(2,R)
UTMS 97-18 Hiromichi Takagi Remarks on Gorenstein terminal fourfold flips
UTMS 97-19 Natsumi Machida and Keiji Oguiso On K3 surfaces admitting finite non-symplectic group actions
UTMS 97-20 Takayuki Morifuji On the reducibility and the $\eta$-invariant of periodic automorphisms of genus 2 surface
UTMS 97-21 Atsushi Matsuura The Lefschetz hyperplane section theorem for etale homotopy groups
UTMS 97-22 Nobuyoshi Takahashi Curves in the complement of a smooth plane cubic whose normalizations are $\Bbb A^1$
UTMS 97-23 Nobuyoshi Takahashi Affine plane curves whose normalizations are $\Bbb A^1$
UTMS 97-24 Fumio Kikuchi, Masayuki Okabe, and Hidehiro Fujio Modification of the 8-node serendipity finite element
UTMS 97-25 Joe Kamimoto On an integral of Hardy and Littlewood
UTMS 97-26 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Discrete decomposability of the restriction of $A_\frak q(\lambda)$ with respect to reductive subgroups III -- restriction of Harish-Chandra modules and associated varieties
UTMS 97-27 Koya Shimokawa Alternating tangles
UTMS 97-28 Takashi Tsuboi The Calabi invariant and the Euler class
UTMS 97-29 Masahiro Yamamoto On an inverse problem of determining source terms in Maxwell's equations with a single measurement
UTMS 97-30 A.L. Bukhgeim and M. Yamamoto Some results on the uniqueness in inverse parabolic problems
UTMS 97-31 Tomomi Kawamura The unknotting numbers of $10_139$ and $10_152$ are 4
UTMS 97-32 Nobuya Sato Constructing a non-degenerate commuting square from equivalent systems of bimodules
UTMS 97-33 Shinya Metoki Residue formulae for secondary characteristic classes
UTMS 97-34 Eiji Ogasa The projections of $n$-knots which are not the projection of any knot which is unknot
UTMS 97-35 Eiji Ogasa Ribbon-moves of 2-links
UTMS 97-36 Akiko Shima Immersions from the 2-sphere to the 3-sphere with only two triple points
UTMS 97-37 Koji Fujiwara and Ken'ichi Ohshika The second bounded cohomologies of 3-manifolds
UTMS 97-38 Tomonori Moriyama Spherical functions with respect to the semisimple symmetric pair $(Sp(2,\Bbb R),SL(2,\Bbb R)\times SL(2,\Bbb R))$
UTMS 97-39 Hiroaki Narita Fourier expansion of holomorphic Siegel modular forms with respect to the minimal parabolic subgroup
UTMS 97-40 Dang Ding Ang, Masaru Ikehata, Dang Duc Trong and Masahiro Yamamoto Unique continuation for a stationary isotropic Lam\'e system with variable coefficients
UTMS 97-41 Kangsheng Liu \rm and Masahiro Yamamoto On observation time duration for exact internal observability by the piecewise multiplier method
UTMS 97-41 Kangsheng Liu and Masahiro Yamamoto On observation time duration for exact internal observability by the piecewise multiplier method
UTMS 97-42 Yuichi Yamada, Osamu Saeki, Masakazu Teragaito and Atsuko Katanaga Gluck surgery along a 2-sphere in a 4-manifold is realized by surgery along a projective plane
UTMS 97-43 Michael R. Douglas, Akishi Kato, and Hirosi Ooguri D-brane actions on K\"ahler manifolds
UTMS 97-44 Yutaka Ishii Towards a kneading theory for Lozi mappings II: Monotonicity of the topological entropy and Hausdorff dimension of attractors
UTMS 97-45 Mikami Hirasawa and Koya Shimokawa Dehn surgeries on strongly invertible knots which yield lens spaces
UTMS 97-46 Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness and stability in multidimensional hyperbolic inverse problems
UTMS 97-47 Shigeo Kusuoka and Hidetoshi Nakagawa On spot rate models induced by equilibrium model
UTMS 97-48 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Discrete decomposability of the restriction of $A_\frak q(\lambda)$ with respect to reductive subgroups II ---micro-local analysis and asymptotic K-support
UTMS 97-49 Boris Apanasov and Xiangdong Xie Discrete actions on nilpotent groups and negatively curved spaces
UTMS 97-50 Toshiyuki Kobayashi and Takayuki Oda A vanishing theorem for modular symbols on locally symmetric spaces
UTMS 97-51 Chuichiro Hayashi and Koya Shimokawa Thin position for 1-submanifold in 3-manifold
UTMS 97-52 Junya Takahashi The first eigenvalue of Laplacian on $p$-forms and metric deformations
UTMS 97-53 Koya Shimokawa On tunnel number one alternating knots and links
UTMS 97-54 Naoya Ando Strict convexity of hypersurfaces in spheres
UTMS 97-55 Naoya Ando Strictly convex hypersurfaces in the unit sphere
UTMS 97-56 Syoiti Ninomiya On the discrepancy of the $\beta$-adic van der Corput sequence
UTMS 97-57 Hitoshi Kitada and Lancelot R. Fletcher Comments on the Problem of Time
UTMS 97-58 Tohru Ozawa, Kimitoshi Tsutaya and Yoshio Tsutsumi Well-posedness in energy space for the Cauchy problem of Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equations with different propagation speeds in three space dimensions
UTMS 97-59 Shigeo Kusuoka and Song Liang Laplace approximations for sums of independent random vectors
UTMS 97-60 Toshinori Oaku and Susumu Yamazaki Higher-codimensional boundary value problems and $F$-mild microfunctions --- local and microlocal uniqueness ---
UTMS 97-61 George N. Makrakis and Masahiro Yamamoto A transient inverse scattering problem for acoustic waveguides
UTMS 97-62 Masanori Higaki Actions of loop groups on the space of harmonic maps into reductive homogeneous spaces
UTMS 97-63 Eiji Ogasa Local move formulae of the Alexander polynomials of {\it n}-knots
UTMS 97-64 Chuichiro Hayashi and Koya Shimokawa Heegaard splittings of the trivial knot
UTMS 97-65 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov and Masahiro Yamamoto Inverse source problem for the Stokes system
UTMS 97-66 Satoshi Nakamura A new cell decomposition of the Teichm\"uller space
UTMS 97-67 Keiichiro Iwai The rotation sets versus the Markov partitions

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