UTMS Preprint Series 1998

NumberAuthor(s)Title of Preprint
UTMS 98-1 Jin Cheng, Dinghua Xu, and Masahiro Yamamoto An inverse contact problem in the theory of elasticity
UTMS 98-2 Masaru Ikehata, Gen Nakamura, and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness in inverse problems for the isotropic Lam\'e system
UTMS 98-3 Alexandre L. Bukhgeim, Jin Cheng, and Masahiro Yamamoto On a sharp estimate in a non-destructive testing: determination of unknown boundaries
UTMS 98-4 Junya Takahashi Upper bounds for the eigenvalues of the Laplacian on forms on certain Riemannian manifolds
UTMS 98-5 Miki Hirano Fourier-Jacobi type spherical functions on $Sp(2,\bf R)$
UTMS 98-6 Yasuro Gon Generalized Whittaker functions on $SU(2,2)$ with respect to the Siegel parabolic subgroup
UTMS 98-7 Ira Herbst and Shu Nakamura Schr\"odinger operators with} {strong magnetic fields: Quasi-periodicity of spectral orbits and topology
UTMS 98-8 Shu Nakamura Agmon-type exponential decay estimates for pseudodifferential operators
UTMS 98-9 Shu Nakamura Tunneling estimates for magnetic Schr\"odinger operators
UTMS 98-10 Chuichiro Hayashi and Koya Shimokawa Heegaard splittings of trivial arcs in compression bodies
UTMS 98-11 Keiko Kawamuro Central sequence subfactors and double commutant properties
UTMS 98-12 Jin Cheng and Masahiro Yamamoto Unique continuation on a line for the Laplace equation
UTMS 98-13 Masako Asaeda and Uffe Haagerup Exotic subfactors of finite depth with Jones indices $(5+ \sqrt{13})/2$ and $(5+ \sqrt{17})/2$
UTMS 98-14 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Subfactors and paragroup theory
UTMS 98-15 Motoharu Sato Boundary slopes for satellited pretzel links
UTMS 98-16 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov and Masahiro Yamamoto Inverse parabolic problem by the Carleman estimate
UTMS 98-17 Jin Cheng and Masahiro Yamamoto Local stability of a linearized inverse problem in detecting steel reinforcement bars
UTMS 98-18 Toru Ikeda The realization problem for Haken manifolds and periodic map construction
UTMS 98-19 Hideo Takaoka Well-posedness for the one dimensional nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with the derivative nonlinearity
UTMS 98-20 Tomohisa Tsuruta On the spectrum of Laplacian on graphs
UTMS 98-21 Tomohisa Tsuruta Harmonic morphisms on weighted graphs
UTMS 98-22 K. Habiro, T. Kanenobu and A. Shima Finite type invariants of ribbon 2-knots
UTMS 98-23 Chuichiro Hayashi, Hiroshi Matsuda and Makoto Ozawa Tangle decompositions of satellite knots
UTMS 98-24 Yurii E. Anikonov, Jin Cheng and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness in determining piecewise analytic coefficients in hyperbolic equations
UTMS 98-25 Izumi Nagayama Passport option pricing
UTMS 98-26 Lin Zhiwu Stability and instability of travelling solitonic bubbles
UTMS 98-27 Kenji Nakanishi Scattering theory for nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation with Sobolev critical power
UTMS 98-28 Evgueni K. Sklyanin, Takashi Takebe Separation of variables of the XYZ Gaudin model
UTMS 98-29 K. Amano, S. Saitoh and M. Yamamoto Error estimates of the real inversion formulas of the Laplace transform
UTMS 98-30 J. Cheng, Y.C. Hon, and M. Yamamoto Stability in line unique continuation of harmonic functions: general dimensions
UTMS 98-31 Jin Cheng and Masahiro Yamamoto Determination of two convection coefficients from dirichlet to Neumann map in two dimensional case
UTMS 98-32 A.L. Bukhgeim , J. Cheng, and M. Yamamoto Stability for an inverse boundary problem of determining a part of boundary
UTMS 98-33 Nathanial P. Brown A note on topological entropy, embeddings and unitaries in nuclear quasidiagonal $C^* $-algebras
UTMS 98-34 Nathanial P. Brown Topological entropy in exact $C^ *$-algebras
UTMS 98-35 Yongyan Lu On the confluent hypergeometric functions in 2 variables
UTMS 98-36 A.L. Bukhgeim, J. Cheng, and M. Yamamoto Conditional stability in an inverse problem of determining non-smooth boundary
UTMS 98-37 Dang Dinh Ang, Dang Duc Trong and Masahiro Yamamoto Crack identification in plane nonhomogeneous isotropic elasticity
UTMS 98-38 J. Cheng and M. Yamamoto Identification of convection term in a parabolic equation with single measurement
UTMS 98-39 Gen Kuroki, Takashi Takebe Bosonization and integral representation of solutions of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov-Bernard equations
UTMS 98-40 Takahiko Fujita, Shunji Ito, and Syoiti Ninomiya Kronecker sequences, van der Corput- type sequences, and the modified Jacobi-Perron algorithm
UTMS 98-41 Atsushi Matsuo and Mika Matsuo The automorphism group of the Hamming code vertex operator algebra
UTMS 98-42 Zhou Qi Hautus-type conditions on the exponential stabilizability and exact controllability of infinite dimensional linear systems
UTMS 98-43 Hiroshi Matsuda Braid presentations of genus one knots
UTMS 98-44 Takae Tsuji Semi-local units modulo cyclotomic units
UTMS 98-45 Yoshitaka Hachimori and Kazuo Matsuno An analogue of Kida's formula for the Selmer groups of elliptic curves
UTMS 98-46 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov and Masahiro Yamamoto On Carleman inequalities for parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces of negative order and exact controllability for semilinear parabolic equations
UTMS 98-47 Zhou Xiaofang The stability of small stationary solutions in Morrey spaces of the semilinear heat equations
UTMS 98-48 Hideo Takaoka Well-posedness for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation
UTMS 98-49 Toru Ikeda A topological approach to the realization problem for seifert 3-manifolds
UTMS 98-50 Kenji Nakanishi Energy scattering for nonlinear Klein-Gordon and Schr\"odinger equations in spatial dimensions 1 and 2
UTMS 98-51 Kenji Nakanishi Energy scattering for Hartree equations
UTMS 98-52 Nathanial P. Brown Crossed products of UHF algebras by some amenable groups

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