UTMS Preprint Series 1999

Number Author(s) Title of Preprint
UTMS 99-1 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Quantum Galois correspondence for subfactors
UTMS 99-2 Toru Ikeda A topological approach to the Nielsen's realization problem for Haken 3-manifolds
UTMS 99-3 Hiroki Yagisita Nearly spherically symmetric expanding fronts in a bistable reaction-diffusion equation
UTMS 99-4 Hiroki Yagisita A standing wave solution with a small width near a closed geodesic in reaction-diffusion systems
UTMS 99-5 Masao Jinzenji On the quantum cohomology rings of general type projective hypersurfaces and generalized mirror transformation
UTMS 99-6 Junjiro Noguchi and J\"org Winkelmann Holomorphic curves and integral points off divisors
UTMS 99-7 Chuichiro Hayashi and Koya Shimokawa Heegaard splittings of the pair of the solid torus and the core loop
UTMS 99-8 Toshihiko Masuda Generalization of Longo-Rehren construction to subfactors of infinite depth and amenability of fusion algebras
UTMS 99-9 Toshihiko Masuda Extension of automorphisms of a subfactor to the symmetric enveloping algebra
UTMS 99-10 Hiroki Matui Ext and OrderExt classes of certain automorphisms of $C^*$-algebras arising from Cantor minimal systems
UTMS 99-11 Miki Hirano Shintani functions on $GL$(2,C)
UTMS 99-12 Masaharu Ishikawa The bifurcation set of $ f : \Bbb C^2 \to \Bbb C$ and the Newton polygons of singularities at infinity
UTMS 99-13 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Roberto Longo and Michael M\"uger Multi-interval subfactors and modularity of representations in conformal field theory
UTMS 99-14 Kotaro Tsugawa Well-posedness in the energy space for the Cauchy problem of the coupled system of complex scalar field and Maxwell equations
UTMS 99-15 Vladimir G. Romanov and Masahiro Yamamoto Multidimensional inverse hyperbolic problem by impulsive input and a single boundary measurement
UTMS 99-16 Hiroshige Kajiura, Akishi Kato and Sachiko Ogushi Comments on large $N$ Matrix model
UTMS 99-17 Shigeyuki Morita Structure of the mapping class groups of surfaces: a survey and a prospect
UTMS 99-18 Tibor \'Odor The solution of the Pompeiu problem and the Schiffer conjecture
UTMS 99-19 Jens B\"ockenhauer, David E. Evans and Yasuyuki Kawahigashi On $\alpha$-induction, chiral generators and modular invariants for subfactors
UTMS 99-20 Hiroshi Konno Cohomology rings of toric hyperK\"ahler manifolds
UTMS 99-21 Baasanjaviin Battsengel Rationality of certain boundary components of the compactified Hurwitz schemes
UTMS 99-22 Jin Cheng, Masahiro Yamamoto, and Qi Zhou Unique continuation on a hyperplane for wave equation
UTMS 99-23 Nathanial Brown and Marie Choda Approximation entropies in crossed products with an application to free shifts
UTMS 99-24 Jian Zhang Cross-invariant flows in nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations
UTMS 99-25 Jian Zhang Stability of standing waves for nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations with unbounded potentials
UTMS 99-26 Jian Zhang Sharp criteria for blowup and global existence in nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations under a harmonic potential
UTMS 99-27 Shigeo Kusuoka Approximation of expectation of diffusion process and mathematical finance
UTMS 99-28 Song Liang Laplace approximations for sums of independent random vectors -- the degenerate case {}--
UTMS 99-29 Galtbayar Artbazar and Kenji Yajima The $L^p$-continuity of wave operators for one dimensional Schr\"odinger operators
UTMS 99-30 Kenji Yajima $L^p$-boundedness of wave operators for two dimensional Schr\"odinger operators
UTMS 99-31 Takeo Noda Projectively Anosov flows on $T^3$ with differentiable (UN)stable foliations
UTMS 99-32 T. Akita, N. Kawazumi and T. Uemura Periodic surface automorphisms and algebraic independence of Morita-Mumford classes
UTMS 99-33 Jin Cheng, Victor Isakov,Masahiro Yamamoto and Qi Zhou Lipschitz stability in the lateral Cauchy problem for elasticity system
UTMS 99-34 Yuichi Sugiki and Kiyoshi Takeuchi Notes on the Cauchy-Kowalevski theorem for $\Cal E$-modules
UTMS 99-35 Victor Isakov and Masahiro Yamamoto Exact observability in a wave equation by Dirichlet data on subboundary
UTMS 99-36 Victor Isakov and Masahiro Yamamoto Lipschitz stability in a lateral Cauchy problem of a hyperbolic equation with the homogeneous Neumann boundary condition
UTMS 99-37 Zhi L\"u A note on Brieskorn spheres and the generalized Smith conjecture
UTMS 99-38 Zhi L\"u The generalized Smith conjecture of codimension greater than two
UTMS 99-39 Zhi L\"u On involutions with $W(F)=1$
UTMS 99-40 Zhi L\"u $(Z_2)^k$-actions with $\omega(F)=1$
UTMS 99-41 Victor Isakov and Masahiro Yamamoto Carleman estimate with the Neumann boundary condition and its applications to the observability inequality and inverse hyperbolic problems
UTMS 99-42 J. Cheng, Y.C. Hon, and M. Yamamoto Conditional stability estimation for an inverse boundary problem with non-smooth boundary in $\Cal R^3$
UTMS 99-43 Jens B\"ockenhauer, David E. Evans and Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Chiral structure of modular invariants for subfactors
UTMS 99-44 Satoshi Ishikawa Symmetric subvarieties in compactifications and the Radon transform on Riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact type
UTMS 99-45 Masao Jinzenji Completion of the conjecture: quantum cohomology of Fano hypersurfaces
UTMS 99-46 Jian Zhang Construction of minimal blowup solutions for critical nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation under a harmonic potential
UTMS 99-47 Toru Ikeda PL finite group actions on 3-manifolds which are conjugate by homeomorphisms
UTMS 99-48 Siegfried Pr\"ossdorf and Masahiro Yamamoto Discretization methods for the Lavrent'ev regularization
UTMS 99-49 Junjiro Noguchi, J\"org Winkelmann and Katsutoshi Yamanoi The second main theorem for holomorphic curves into semi-Abelian varieties
UTMS 99-50 Tohru Eguchi and Masao Jinzenji Generalization of Calabi-Yau/Landau-Ginzburg correspondence
UTMS 99-51 Toshiyuki Kobayashi Discretely decomposable restrictions of unitary representations of reductive Lie groups -- examples and conjectures
UTMS 99-52 Toru IKeda PL finite group actions on 3-manifolds which agree on the boundaries

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