UTMS Preprint Series 2002

Number Author(s) Title of Preprint DownLoad
UTMS 2002-1 Tetsushi Ito Stringy Hodge numbers and p-adic Hodge theory pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-2 Yasuyuki Kawahigashi and Roberto Longo Classification of local conformal nets. case $c<1$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-3 Takashi Taniguchi A mean value theorem for orders of degree zero divisor class groups of quadratic extensions over a function field pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-4 Shin-ichi Kobayashi Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves at supersingular primes pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-5 Kazuya Kato and Fabien Trihan Conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer in positive characteristics assuming the finiteness of the Tate-Shafarevich group pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-6 Satoshi Kondo Euler systems on Drinfeld modular curves and zeta values pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-7 Teruyoshi Yoshida Finiteness theorem in class field theory of varieties over local fields pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-8 Teruyoshi Yoshida Abelian \'etale coverings of curves over local fields and its application to modular curves pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-9 Shunsuke Takagi An interpretation of multiplier ideals via tight closure pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-10 Junjiro Noguchi An arithmetic property of Shirosaki's hyperbolic projective hypersurface pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-11 Yoshihisa Nakamura and Akihiro Shimomura Local well-posedness and smoothing effects of strong solutions for nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations with potentials and magnetic fields pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-12 Hisayosi Matsumoto On the representations of Sp$(p,q)$ and SO$^\ast(2n)$ unitarily induced from derived functor modules pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-13 Kim Sungwhan Uniqueness of an inverse source problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-14 Y.B. Wang, X. Z. Jia, and J. Cheng A numerical differentiation method for scattered data and it's application pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-15 Tomonori Moriyama Spinor $L$-functions for generic cusp forms on $GSp(2)$ belonging to large discrete series representations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-16 Shigeo Kusuoka Malliavin calculus revisited pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-17 Shigeo Kusuoka Monte Carlo Method for pricing of Bermuda type derivatives pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-18 Naoto Kumano-go The convergences of Feynman path integrals and of semiclassical approximations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-19 Takeshi Katsura A class of $C^*$-algebras generalizing both graph algebras and homeomorphism $C^*$-algebras I, fundamental results pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-20 Junjiro Noguchi Intersection multiplicities of holomorphic and algebraic curves with divisors pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-21 Junjiro Noguchi and J\"org Winkelmann Bounds for curves in abelian varieties pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-22 Akihiro Shimomura Wave operators for the coupled Klein-Gordon-Schr\"odinger equations in two space dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-23 Keiichi Gunji On the graded ring of Siegel modular forms of degree 2, level 3 pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-24 Junjiro Noguchi and J\"org Winkelmann A note on jets of entire curves in semi-abelian varieties pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-25 Akihiro Shimomura Modified wave operators for the coupled Wave-Schr\"odinger equations in three space dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-26 Hiroshige Kajiura Kronecker foliation, D1-branes and Morita equivalence of noncommutative two-tori pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-27 Hiroshi Kawabi The parabolic Harnack inequality for the time dependent Ginzburg- Landau type SPDE and its application pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-28 Koichi Matsumoto Optimal portfolio of the low liquid asset with the log-utility function pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-29 Kaori Suzuki On $\Bbb Q$-Fano 3-folds with Fano index $\ge9$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-30 Shushi Harashita Moduli of supersingular abelian varieties with endomorphism structure pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-31 Akihiro Shimomura Modified wave operators for Maxwell-Schr\"odinger equations in three space dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-32 Tomoshiro Ochiai Invariants of plane curves and Gauss diagram formulas for the Kontsevich integral pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-33 Tomoshiro Ochiai Oriented and unoriented Gauss diagram formulas for Vassiliev invariants pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-34 Koichi Matsumoto Optimal portfolio of the low liquid asset with the power utility function pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-35 S. Kamada and Y. Matsumoto Enveloping monoidal quandles pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-36 S. Kamada and Y. Matsumoto Word representation of cords on a punctured plane pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-37 Naoto Kumano-go Interchange with Feynman path integrals and Riemann-Stieltjes integrals pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-38 Sungwhan Kim and Masahiro Yamamoto On an inverse problem of determining a support of a source term in an elliptic equation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2002-39 Sungwhan Kim and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness in the two-dimentional inverse conductivity problem of determining convex polygonal supports: Case of variable conductivity pdf , ps 

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