UTMS Preprint Series 2005

Number Author(s) Title of Preprint DownLoad
UTMS 2005-1 Takao Satoh The abelianization of the congruence IA-automorphism group of a free group pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-2 Keita Oshima Hankel operators on harmonic Bergman spaces pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-3 Miki Hirano, Taku Ishii and Takayuki Oda Confluence from Siegel-Whittaker functions to Whittaker functions on $Sp(2,R)$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-4 Toshio Oshima Completely integrable systems associated with classical root systems pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-5 Takashi Kato A limit theorem for solutions of some functional stochastic difference equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-6 Naoki Heya Hypoelliptic stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-7 Teruaki Kitano and Masaaki Suzuki A partial order in the knot table pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-8 Yoko Mizuma Ribbon knots of 1-fusion, the Jones polynomial and the Casson-Walker invariant pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-9 Yasuyuki Shimizu On the solution formula of the dirichlet problem for the Stokes equations in the strip domain pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-10 Fumio Kikuchi and Liu Xuefeng Determination of the Babuska-Aziz constant for the linear triangular finite element pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-11 Takao Satoh New obstructions for the surjectivity of the Johnson homomorphism of the automorphism group of a free group pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-12 A. Kh. Amirov Boundary rigity for Riemannian manifolds pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-13 Sungwhan Kim An inverse boundary value problem of determining three dimensional unknown inclusions in an elliptic equation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-14 Yoshihiro Sawano and Hitoshi Tanaka Sharp maximal inequalities and commutators on Morrey spaces with non-doubling measures pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-15 Atsushi Matsuo, Kiyokazu Nagatomo and Akihiro Tsuchiya Quasi-finite algebras graded by Hamiltonian and vertex operator algebras pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-16 Yoshihiro Sawano Vector-valued sharp maximal inequality on the Morrey spaces with non-doubling measures pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-17 Yousuke Ohyama, Hiroyuki Kawamuko, Hidetaka Sakai and Kazuo Okamoto Studies on the Painlev\'e equations V, third Painlev\'e equations of special type $P_ {III}(D_7)$ and $P_{III}(D_8) $ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-18 Nariya Kawazumi Cohomological aspects of Magnus expansions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-19 Masaki Suzuki Spaces of initial conditions of the two dimensional Garnier system and its degenerate ones pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-20 Kenichi Ito Propagation of singularities for Schr\"odinger equations on the Euclidean space with a scattering metric pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-21 Teruhisa Tsuda Universal character and $q$-difference Painlev\'e equations with affine Weyl groups pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-22 Yuji Umezawa The minimal risk of hedging with a convex risk measure pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-23 J. Noguchi, and J. Winkelmann and K. Yamanoi Degeneracy of holomorphic curves into algebraic varieties pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-24 Hirotaka Fushiya Limit theorem of a one dimensional Marokov process to sticky reflected Brownian motion pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-25 Jin Cheng, Li Peng, and Masahiro Yamamoto The conditional stability in line unique continuation for a wave equation and an inverse wave source problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-26 M. Choulli and M. Yamamoto Some stability estimates in determining sources and coefficients pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-27 Cecilia Cavaterra, Alfredo Lorenzi and Masahiro Yamamoto A stability result Via Carleman estimates for an inverse problem related to a hyperbolic integro-differential equation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-28 Fumio Kikuchi and Hironobu Saito Remarks on a posteriori error estimation for finite element solutions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-29 Yuuki Tadokoro A nontrivial algebraic cycle in the Jacobian variety of the Klein quartic pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-30 Hao Fang, Zhiqin Lu and Ken-ichi Yoshikawa Analytic Torsion for Calabi-Yau threefolds pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-31 Ken-ichi Yoshikawa On the singularity of Quillen metrics pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-32 Ken-ichi Yoshikawa Real $K3$ surfaces without real points, equivariant determinant of the Laplacian, and the Borcherds $\Phi$-function pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-33 Taro Asuke Infinitesimal derivative of the Bott class and the Schwarzian derivatives pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-34 Dan Tiba, Gengsheng Wang and Masahiro Yamamoto Applications of convexity in some identification problems pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-35 X. Z. Jia and Y. B. Wang A boundary integral method for solving inverse heat conduction problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-36 Ganghua Yuan and Masahiro Yamamoto Lipschitz stability in inverse problems for a Kirchhoff plate equation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-37 Ken-ichi Yoshikawa Discriminant of certain $K3$ surfaces pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-38 Noriaki Umeda Existence and nonexistence of global solutions of a weakly coupled system of reaction-diffusion equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-39 Yuji Morimoto Homogeneous coherent value measures and their limits under multiperiod collective risk processes pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-40 X. Q. Wan, Y. B. Wang, and M. Yamamoto The local property of the regularized solutions in numerical differentiation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-41 Yoshihiro Sawano $l^q$-valued extension of the fractional maximal operators for non-doubling measures via potential operators pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-42 Yuuki Tadokoro The pointed harmonic volumes of hyperelliptic curves with Weierstrass base points pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-43 X. Q. Wan, Y. B. Wang and M. Yamamoto Detection of irregular points by regularization in numerical differentiation and an application to edge detection pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-44 Victor Isakov, Jenn-Nan Wang and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness and stability of determining the residual stress by one measurement pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-45 Yoshihiro Sawano and Hitoshi Tanaka The John-Nirenberg type inequality for non-doubling measures pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-46 Li Shumin and Masahiro Yamamoto An inverse problem for Maxwell's equations in anisotropic media pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-47 Li Shumin Estimation of coefficients in a hyperbolic equation with impulsive inputs pdf , ps 
UTMS 2005-48 Mourad Bellassoued and Masahiro Yamamoto Lipschitz stability in determining density and two Lam\'e coefficients pdf , ps 

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