UTMS Preprint Series 2006

Number Author(s) Title of Preprint DownLoad
UTMS 2006-1 Takao Satoh Twisted second homology groups of the automorphism group of a free group pdf, ps
UTMS 2006-2 Matthias M. Eller and Masahiro Yamamoto A Carleman inequality for the stationary anisotropic Maxwell system. pdf, ps
UTMS 2006-3 Mourad Choulli, Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov and Masahiro Yamamoto Inverse source problem for the Navier-Stokes equations. pdf, ps,
UTMS 2006-4 Takashi Taniguchi Distributions of discriminants of cubic algebras. pdf , ps
UTMS 2006-5 Jin Cheng, Yanbo Wang and Masahiro Yamamoto Regularity of the Tikhonov regularized solutions and the exact solutionpdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-6 Keiichi Gunji The dimension of the space of siegel Eisenstein series of weight one pdf, ps
UTMS 2006-7 Takehiro Fujiwara Sixth order methods of Kusuoka approximation pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-8 Takeshi Ohtsuka Motion of interfaces by the Allen-Cahn type equation with multiple-well potentials pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-9 Yoshihiro Sawano and Tsuyoshi Yoneda On the Young theorem for amalgams and Besov spaces pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-10 akahiko Yoshida Twisted toric structures pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-11 Yoshihiro Sawano, Takuya Sobukawa and Hitoshi Tanaka Limiting case of the boundedness of fractional integral operators on non-homogeneous space pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-12 Yoshihiro Sawano and Hitoshi Tanaka Equivalent norms for the (vector-valued) Morrey spaces with non-doubling measures pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-13 Shigeo Kusuoka and Song Liang A mechanical model of diffusion process for multi-particles pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-14 Yuji Umezawa A Limit Theorem on Maximum Value of Hedging with a Homogeneous Filtered Value Measure pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-15 Toshio Oshima Commuting differential operators with regular singularities pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-16 Miki hirano, Taku Ishii, and Takayuki Oda Whittaker functions for $P_J$-principal series representations of $Sp(3, {R})$ pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-17 Fumio Kikuchi and Xuefeng Liu Estimation of interpolation error constants for the $P_0$ and $P_1$ triangular finite elements pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-18 Arif Amirov and Masahiro Yamamoto The timelike Cauchy problem and an inverse problem for general hyperbolic equations pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-19 Adriano Marmora Facteurs epsilon $p$-adiques pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-20 Yukihiro Seki, Ryuichi Suzuki and Noriaki Umeda Blow-up directions for quasilinear parabolic equations pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-21 Yoshihiro Sawano and hitoshi Tanaka A quarkonial decomposition of Besov-Morrey spaces and Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-22 Victor Isakov, Jenn-Nan Wang and Masahiro Yamamoto An inverse problem for a dynamical Lam\'e system with residual stress pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-23 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, Victor Isakov and Masahiro Yamamoto New realization of the pseudoconvexity and its application to an inverse problem pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-24 Kazuki Hiroe and Takayuki Oda Hecke-Siegel's pull back formula for the Epstein zeta function with a harmonic polynomial pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-25 Takefumi Igarashi and Noriaki Umeda Existence and nonexistence of global solutions in time for a reaction-diffusion system with inhomogeneous terms pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-26 Shigeo Kusuoka A remark on law invariant convex risk measures pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-27 Ganghua Yuan and Masahiro Yamamoto Lipschitz stability in the determination of principal parts of a parabolic equation by boundary observations pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-28 Akishi Kato Zonotopes and four-dimensional superconformal field theories pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-29 Yasufumi Osajima The asymptotic expansion formula of implied volatility for dynamic SABR model and FX hybrid model pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-30 Noriaki Umeda On existence and nonexistence global solutions of reaction-diffusion equations pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-31 Takayuki Oda and Masao Tsuzuki The secondary spherical functions and automorphic green currents for certain symmetric pairs pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-32 Yu. E. Anikonov and M. Yamamoto Solution formula for an inverse problem with underdetermining data pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-33 Masaharu Kobayashi and Yoshihiro Sawano Molecule decomposition of the modulation spaces $ M^{p,q} $ and its application to the pseudo-differential operators pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-34 Toshio Oshima A classification of subsystems of a roof system pdf, ps 
UTMS 2006-35 Hongyu Liu , Masahiro Yamamoto and Jun Zou Reflection principle for Maxwell's equations and an application to the inverse electromagnetic scattering problem pdf, ps 

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