UTMS Preprint Series 2008

Number Author(s) Title of Preprint DownLoad
UTMS 2008-1 Johannes Elschner and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness in determining polyhedral sound-hard obstacles with a single incoming wave pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-2 Shumin Li , Bernadette Miara and Masahiro Yamamoto A Carleman estimate for the linear shallow shell equation and an inverse source problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-3 Taro Asuke A Fatou-Julia decomposition of Transversally holomorphic foliations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-4 T. Wei and M. Yamamoto Reconstruction of a moving boundary from Cauchy data in one dimensional heat equation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-5 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, Masahiro Yamamoto and Jean-Pierre Puel Carleman estimates for parabolic equation with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-6 Hirotaka Fushiya and Shigeo Kusuoka Asymptotic Behavior of distributions of the sum of i.i.d. random variables with fat tail II pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-7 Noriaki Umeda Blow-up at space infinity for nonlinear equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-8 Masahiko shimojo and Noriaki Umeda Blow-up at space infinity for solutions of cooperative reaction-diffusion systems pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-9 Shouhei Ma Fourier-Mukai partners of a $K3$ surface and the cusps of its K\"ahler Moduli pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-10 Takashi Tsuboi On the uniform perfectness of diffeomorphism groups pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-11 Takashi Tsuboi On the simplicity of the group of contactomorphisms pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-12 Hajime Fujita, Mikio Furuta and Takahiko Yoshida Acyclic polarizations and localization of Riemann-Roch numbers I pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-13 Rolci Cipolatti and Masahiro Yamamoto Inverse hyperbolic problem by a finite time of observations with arbitrary initial values pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-14 Yoshifumi Matsuda Groups of real analytic diffeomorphisms of the circle with a finite image under the rotation number function pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-15 Shoichi Kaji The ${(\frak g,K)}$-module structures of the principal series representations of $ SL{(4,R)}$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-16 G. Bayarmagnai The ${(\frak g,K)}$-module structures of principal series of SU(2,2) pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-17 Takashi Tsuboi On the group of real analytic diffeomorphisms pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-18 Takefumi Igarashi and Noriaki Umeda Nonexistence of global solutions in time for reaction-diffusion systems with inhomogeneous terms in cones pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-19 Oleg Yu. Imanouilov, Gunther Uhlmann, and Masahiro Yamamoto Partial data for the Calder\'on problem in two dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-20 Xuefeng Liu and Fumio Kikuchi Analysis and estimation of error constants for $P_0$ and $P_1$ interpolations over triangular finite elements pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-21 Fumio Kikuchi, Keizo Ishii and Issei Oikawa Discontinuous Galerkin FEM of Hybrid displacement type -- Development of polygonal elements -- pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-22 Toshiyuki Kobayashi and Gen Mano The Schr\"odinger model for the minimal representation of the indefinite orthogonal group $O(p,q)$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-23 Kensaku Gomi and Yasuaki Mizumura A Completeness Theorem for the Logical System MPCL Designed for Mathematical Psychology pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-24 Kensaku Gomi Theory of Completeness for Logical Spaces pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-25 Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, Gunther Uhlmann, and Masahiro Yamamoto Uniqueness by Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on an arbitrary part of boundary in two dimensions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-26 Takashi Tsuboi On the uniform simplicity of diffeomorphism groups pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-27 A. Benabdallah, M. Cristofol, P. Gaitan and M. Yamamoto Inverse problem for a parabolic system with two components by measurements of one component pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-28 Kensaku Gomi Foundations of Algebraic Logic pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-29 Toshio Oshima Classification of Fuchsian systems and their connection problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-30 Y. C. Hon and Tomoya Takeuchi Discretized Tikhonov regularization by a reproducing kernel Hilbert space for backward heat conduction problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-31 Shigeo Kusuoka A certain Limit of Iterated CTE pdf , ps 
UTMS 2008-32 Toshio Oshima Katz's middle convolution and Yokoyama's extending operation pdf , ps 

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