UTMS Preprint Series 2012

UTMS 2012-1 Takashito Kashiwabara On a strong solution of the non-stationary Navier-Stokes equations under slip or leak boundary conditions of friction type pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-2 Issei Oikawa Hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion-reaction problems pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-3 O. Yu. Imanuvilov and M. Yamamoto Inverse problem by Cauchy data on arbitrary subboundary for system of elliptic equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-4 Takashi Kato, Akihiko Takahashi and Toshihiro Yamada An asymptotic expansion for solutions of Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for second order parabolic PDEs and its application to pricing barrier options pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-5 Takashi kato Stock price fluctuations in an agent-based model with market liquidity pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-6 Inwon C. Kim and Norbert Po\v{z}\'ar Nonlinear elliptic-parabolic problems pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-7 Kazuki Okamura Some regularity results for a certain class of de Rham's functional equations and stationary measures pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-8 K. Aihara, K. Ito, J. Nakagawa and T. Takeuchi Optimal control laws for traffic control pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-9 Guanyu Zhou Analysis of the fictitious domain method with $H^1$-penalty for parabolic problem pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-10 Kiyoomi Kataoka and Nobuko Takeuchi A system of fifth-order partial differential equations describing a surface which contains many circles pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-11 Ken'ichi Yoshida The minimal volume orientable hyperbolic 3-manifold with 4 cusps pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-12 Hajime Fujita, Mikio Furuta and Takahiko Yoshida Geodesic flows on spheres and the local Riemann-Roch numbers pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-13 H. Kawakami, A. Nakamura, and H. Sakai Degeneration scheme of 4-dimensional Painlev\'e-type equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-14 Yusaku Tiba The second main theorem for entire curves into Hilbert modular surfaces pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-15 O. Yu. \scm Imanuvilov and M. Yamamoto Inverse boundary value problem for Schr\"odinger equation in cylindrical domain by partial boundary data pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-16 Nao Hamamuki A discrete isoperimetric inequality on lattices pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-17 Nao Hamamuki Asymptotically self-similar solutions to curvature flow equations with prescribed contact angle and their applications to groove profiles due to evaporation-condensation pdf , ps 
UTMS 2012-18 Guanyu Zhou Analysis of the fictitious domain method with $L^2$-penalty for elliptic and parabolic problems pdf , ps 

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