UTMS Preprint Series 2013

UTMS 2013-1 Yasuko Hasegawa The critical values of exterior square $L$-functions on $GL(2)$ pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-2 Toshio Oshima An elementary approach to the Gauss hypergeometric function pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-3 Kazuki Okamura Large deviations for simple random walk on percolations with long-range correlations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-4 Kiyoomi Kataoka and Nobuko Takeuchi A system of fifth-order PDE's describing surfaces containing 2 families of circular arcs and the reduction to a system of fifth-order ODE's pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-5 Takushi Amemiya Orders of meromorphic mappings into Hopf and Inoue surfaces pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-6 Yasuhito Miyamoto Structure of the positive radial solutions for the supercritical Neumann problem $\varepsilon^2\Delta u-u+u^p=0$ in a ball pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-7 Atsushi Ito and Yusaku Tiba Curves in quadric and cubic surfaces whose complements are Kobayashi hyperbolically imbedded pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-8 Nobert Pozar Homogenization of the Hele-Shaw problem in periodic spatiotemporal media pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-9 Takiko Sasaki A second-order time-discretization scheme for a system of nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-10 Shigeo Kusuoka and Yusuke Morimoto Stochastic mesh methods for H{\"o}rmander type diffusion processes pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-11 Shigeo Kusuoka and Yasufumi Osajima A remark on quadratic functional of Brownian motions pdf , ps 
UTMS 2013-12 Yusaku Tiba Shilov boundaries of the pluricomplex Green function's level sets pdf , ps 

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