Abstract of Plenary Talks

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Title : Slicing iterated Bing doubles   [PDF]
Speaker : Jae Choon CHA (POSTECH)
Abstract :

Title : Computing the Nielsen number on a graph --- a survey   [PDF]
Speaker : Boju Jiang (Peking University)
Abstract :

Title : Prime knots with arc index up to 11 and an upper bound of arc index for non-alternating knots   [PDF]
Speaker : Gyo Taek JIN (KAIST)
Abstract :

Title : On the Alexander polynomials of alternating knots of genus two   [PDF]
Speaker : In Dae Jong (Osaka City University)
Abstract :

Title : Graph braid groups and right angled Artin groups   [PDF]
Speaker : Ki Hyoung KO (KAIST)
Abstract :

Title : Applications of braid group representations to dynamical systems   [PDF]
Speaker : Takashi Matsuoka (Naruto University of Teacher Education)
Abstract :

Title : On the signature cocycle and related invariants of 3-manifolds   [PDF]
Speaker : Takayuki Morifuji (Tokyo Univ. Agri. & Tech.)
Abstract :

Title : Dynamics of gradient flows in the non-transversal Morse theory   [PDF]
Speaker : Andrei Pajitnov (Universite de Nantes)
Abstract :

Title : On the Heegaard genus of knot exteriors
Speaker : Yo'av Rieck (the University of Arkansas) --- (joint with Tsuyoshi Kobayashi)
Abstract :

Title :
An infinite family of exotic 4-manifolds and Rasmussen invariants of knots   [PDF]
Speaker : Toshifumi Tanaka (Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute)
Abstract :

Title : On embedding all $n$-manifolds into a single $(n+1)$-manifold   [PDF]
Speaker : Jiangang Yao (UC Berkeley)
Abstract :

The Fourth East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics
Y.Y. (Thanks to the staffs of 1st, 2nd, 3rd of this School)