1. Accommodation on July 20

We understand that you arrives at Haneda Airport by EK312.
If it is not the case please contact with Toshitake Kohno kohno [at] ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp soon.
EK312 arrive at HND at 22:30 or something, so we reserved your hotel room at Haneda airport.

c/in; July 20 c/out; July 21

The hotel is at the 1st floor of HND terminal 1. There is a shuttle bus service from international terminal to terminal 1. About time table and bus stop, please check the hotel web site.

There is no confirmation number, please tell your name to the hotel staff.

2. Direction to IPMU

Please refer to IPMU access page.


Taking a bus is easy way, but probably going to be late, so please take a train. Kashiwanoha Campus station is the nearest train station. From Kashiwanoha Campus station, there is shuttle bus service between University and the station west exit.


3. Accommodation from July 21

We reserved your room in Hotel Del Prado.
http://www.hotel-delprado.com/stay.html (the webpage is in Japanese)

c/in; July 21 c/out; Aug 1 Single room

Please find an attached map. There is no confirmation number, please tell your name at the front desk. You don't need to pat the room charge at the hotel.

Shuttle bus service is available between the hotel and University. Please check another attached map.