Miscellaneous Information

Lecture rooms :
Plenary talks are given at Lecture Hall on the ground floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building. Parallel sessions take place in 2 rooms : Lecture Hall and Room 056. The Room 052 is available for private seminars and discussions.

Poster session:
Poster session takes place in the lobby in front of the Lecture Hall and in Room 052. We encourage all the participants to attend presentations by the authors of posters and to have discussions with them.

Internet access:
You can connect your laptop computer to the internet at the Room 052 by means of DHCP connection. The Room 052 is located next to the room 056. Wireless network is not available around the conference venue. The ethernet connection is also possible at the rooms of Hotel Tokyu Stay.

Mathematics library is located on the first floor of the Mathematical Science Building. Please wear your name tag to enter the library.

Every participant is welcome to attend the banquet which will take place in Room 222 on the second floor (Common Room) at 18:00 on Tuesday, January 22.

Lunch and dinner:
It is recommended to take lunch and dinner at Cafeteria, Dining Icho, or Restaurant Lever Son Verre at Komaba Facutly House in Komaba Campus (see Campus map). For lunch at Restaurant Lever Son Verre, they have three kinds of fixed menus (A: meat, B: fish, C: pasta). Each of them costs 800 yen. There is further information about restaurants in Komaba and Shibuya area at the reception desk.